Black buckwheat from Daliang Shan – high mountains, untouched nature

Our raw materials are exclusively from the Daliang Shang mountains. The Daliang Shan mountains with peaks of 4,500 meters and higher are located in the south-west of the province Sichuan in China. Our plantations are located at a height of between 2,600 and 3,000 meters and are thus largely protected against plant diseases and insect infestations. The Daliang Shan is not located anywhere close to industrial areas and clean air as well as clear water can be found there. Many sunny days but also sufficient rainfall guarantee ideal conditions for cultivating and harvesting buckwheat of the highest quality.
Tartar buckwheat belongs to the family of Knotweed plants.

  • Rich in rutin
  • Rich in starch
  • Rich in vitamins
  • Rich in dietary fibres
  • Rich in protein, minerals and other nutrients

Tartar buckwheat is said to have, amongst others, the following positive effects:

  • Reduction of blood sugar levels
  • Reduction of blood lipids
  • Reduction of the blood pressure
  • Positive for the gastrointestinal tract
  • Positive for the cardiovascular system
  • Anti-cancer characteristics
  • Supports metabolic processes
  • Weight reduction
  • Delay of aging process
  • and other positive effects on health

(It is also approved by the FAO as a grain and medicinal plant. It reflects the for Chinese culture typical medicine – food homology as well)
In 1987, scientific research in Beijing found the reason why the Yi people from Daliang Shan hardly fell ill with diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and cancer. The reason for this is the consumption of tartar buckwheat which is rich in rutin, selenium, magnesium and other important minerals. In 1988, the WHO confirmed that Tartary buckwheat has a special curative effect on diabetes, cancer and cardiovascular diseases. Cardiovascular diseases, cancer and diabetes are the three greatest killers of mankind in the twenty first century.

Our products are briefly presented in the following:

1. Black ripened buckwheat
A super-fine and very pure tea product.
Harvested at an altitude of 2,600 meters – extracted to obtain super-fine grains.

2. Black buckwheat tea
Whole seeds, nutritious tea made of buckwheat.
Full release of nutrients. Pick up the essence of sunshine and sweet dew.

3. Black buckwheat tea, golden quality
Whole plant, golden quality, black buckwheat, harvested on 3,000 meters high mountains.
Made of the cotyledon, the seedling, the flower and the fruit.