Traditional Bavarian Beer from Laaber/Bavaria

Idyllically situated in the Laaber valley in Bavaria, the family brewery Plank in Laaber has a 400 year long tradition. Founded in 1617, the brewery has been passed on within the Plank family from father to son over 16 generations. Michael Plank, head of the the family company today and traditional brewer in the 17th generation, took over the brewery at the age of 21 from his father and modernized the brewing process in order to provide extraordinary taste and excellent quality, but also an efficient manufacturing procedure.

Specialized on wheat beers, Michael Plank has received a number of renowned prices for his beers. The ‘Heller Weizenbock’ for example has been honoured five times with the World Beer Cup Gold Award, but other beers, for example the ‘Dunkler Weizenbock’, the ‘Weizen’ or the ’Leichtes Weizen’, have been awarded several times aswell. In 2006 and in 2012, the brewery Plank and brewmaster Michael Plank won the World Beer Cup and were therefore honoured as the champion brewery and brewmaster in the category small brewing company.

The brewery Plank combines bavarian brewing tradition with modern high technology: traditional hop and barley sorts as well as the latest technologies guarantee superior taste and quality.

According to the traditional ‚Reinheitsgebot‘ (German Beer Purity Law) which dates from the year 1516, bavarian beer is to be brewed with hop, barley, yeast and pure water only. The raw materials for the Plank beers are grown and harvested in Bavaria – hop from the Holledau. Selected barley from the Oberpfalz/Bavaria and brewing water from the Laaber valley. This provides short transport routes and this is the way to an ecological advantage over other beers, but also for high quality standards. Personal contact to the suppliers over generations guarantee excellent raw materials – the basis for high-quality beers.

Award-winning Plank beers stands for best taste and quality since 1617. Dive into the wonderful world of traditional Bavarian beer and enjoy its all natural great taste. Cheers!